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Stamps and Anticipation

I’ve waited all week to get back to my Mongolia collection only to find that I was out of time. There’s just something about securing a chunk of time for organizing and researching new stamps. I have 5 new packets and I’ve only sneaked a peek at one of them so far. I could rush […]

Stamp Topics

There are so many different types of topics one encounters when collecting stamps. In fact, the number of topics is limitless. For example, the topic art on stamps can be further subdivided and specialized into pop art, paintings, portraits, nature scenes, etc. I am still pretty new to this and haven’t really spent much time […]

Is Stamp Collecting for Nerds

What makes something for nerds anyway? Let me retape my glasses and address this question. I could list famous people who have collected stamps but that would be reversing the same ridiculous stereotype. Hobbies simply don’t make people cool or uncool. This is common sense and we all know this. But none of us particularly […]

Stamp Game

I found this MSN Group called the Stamp Game while searching the Web today. It sounds very interesting. It’s always nice to see how stamp collectors leverage the power of the Internet to enjoy their hobby. If anyone has tried this or knows of something like it, please leave a comment. Our comments are moderated […]

CD Stamps - Canada Stamps on Souvenir Sheet CD

CD Stamps

Would these be classified as CD Stamps, CDs on Stamps, or Stamps on CDs?  Either way, the Hartford Courant reports today about these Canadian Easy Listening Stamps.  By the way, the first I heard of Joni Mitchell was last night via an old Alias episode.  I’ve never been an easy listening type of guy.  But […]

Timely Bargains for Collectors

During the next several weeks, a number of us at Jamestown Stamp Company have decided to select and list products that we really like and those that we really like as gifts. Since I am the Web Geek of the bunch, I have the advantage of being able to tell why I choose the items […]

Stamp Collecting Where to Begin

So, you have decided to give one of the oldest known hobbies a try. But how does one begin stamp collecting? What do you need to begin? Perhaps the best place to start is with a general idea of what types of stamps you will most likely be interested in…US or Foreign Stamps. Once that […]