Stamp Collecting Where to Begin

So, you have decided to give one of the oldest known hobbies a try.  But how does one begin stamp collecting?  What do you need to begin?

Perhaps the best place to start is with a general idea of what types of stamps you will most likely be interested in…US or Foreign Stamps.  Once that’s covered, all you need is something to put the stamps in and, of course, the stamps themselves.

…the fun part – choosing collectible stamps

If you decide upon collecting stamps from the USA, you could begin simply by soaking the stamps off your current mail.  If you have a particular foreign country in mind, beginning with a stamp packet may be your best bet to a hit the ground running.  We also have great offers on Topical Stamp Packets.  Don’t forget our stamps on approval service. Whatever you decide, we would love to hear how it goes.  Please use the comment feature below to share your experience with us and other new stamp collectors.



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