What is a Stamp Packet

Don’t all purchased collectible stamps come in a packet, glassine envelope, or package of some kind?  Sure.  But the term stamp packet refers more to the diversity of different packets available.  For instance, there are country specific packets.  There are United States stamp packets, British stamp packets, stamp packets from Macau, etc..  There are also Topical Stamp packets categorized by topic like Disney Stamps, Aviation, Mushrooms, and many more.  You’ll find that there are so many ways to categorize and collect stamps.  And there are packets for almost every category imaginable.  There are even packets categorized, or grouped, by stamp type like commemoratives or triangle stamps.

what’s the big deal about stamp packets?

So, stamp packet in stamp collecting terminology doesn’t necessarily refer to the enclosure but rather the grouping and quantity.  Ok, so what’s the big deal about packets?  And why are they beneficial to add to a stamp collection?  Like we previously wrote, as you begin collecting stamps you will develop your own preferences.  Hopefully you will have many favorites.  But you will likely start with a few.  So, say you find that you really like Maps & Globes and you have approximately 2 hours per week to enjoy your hobby.  You may wish to start with a packet of 100 maps and globes topical stamps.

So, the term packet is more like a unit by which a measure (quantity of stamps) and type (category, style, or stamp topic) helps a collector quickly add to their collection.

— James the Web guy



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