Tell us About Your Stamp Collection

During our early school days, we were encouraged to tell about our day, what we learned, what we found interesting. Perhaps you gave detailed replies. Or, perhaps, like me, you gave vague answers in an attempt to speak like an adult. Either way, as we age, our interests become more unique, more personal. Likewise we become more selective of the interests of others about which we genuinely wish to hear. And we become more selective with whom we share them. Then, before we realize it, our interests expand, contract, or change entirely.

This might make it difficult to talk about your stamp collection. It’s unique. It’s personal. And it may have changed direction or focus several times. But unlike other hobbies, stamp collecting isn’t competitive. Nor can it be accurately graded in true value by anyone other than you. But if you’ve ever had the opportunity to talk about your interests with someone who truly appreciates them, you know how rewarding that experience can be. This is what we do. We honestly want to hear about your stamp collection.

Our entire stamps on approval business is, and has been since 1939, about understanding and catering to your unique stamp collecting interests. Our success or failure depends upon you approving of the stamps we send to you. This would be impossible to do without being genuinely interested in what you like to collect. Feel free to share here publicly on our blog. Other stamp collectors may be interested as well. But you may also write to us via email. But please, tell us about your stamp collection. We really want to hear.