Is Stamp Collecting for Nerds

What makes something for nerds anyway? Let me retape my glasses and address this question. I could list famous people who have collected stamps but that would be reversing the same ridiculous stereotype. Hobbies simply don’t make people cool or uncool. This is common sense and we all know this. But none of us particularly enjoy appearing uncool. For this reason very few of us would wear a shirt that proclaims, “I am a Geek”. The opposite would probably also lead to unfavorable comments…wearing a shirt that said “I am Cool”. Regardless of which category you might think you fall into, boldly proclaiming either will probably not pan out in your favor. Just the same, it would be ill advised to carry a perforation gauge to the high school prom. This is common sense.

So, what do you do if you are interested in stamp collecting but fear being labeled a geek? That’s simple. People don’t need to know everything about you. But it’s pretty tough to share the love of the hobby when you feel you can’t talk about it. The Internet is a great place where you can communicate with like minded people. Just don’t get carried away or you may find yourself hiding the fact that you’re actually cool.

Now, if you’re a die hard stamp collector and could care less what people say, kudos. By all means take your stamp album on your first date or your Scott Catalogue on your honeymoon. If you can find one, you may wish to pick up a tie with perforations and watermarks. Seriously, be real and enjoy one of the oldest hobbies known to man.



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