Stamp Approvals Customers don't receive messy piles of stamps.

Thankful for Our Approval Customers

After a long weekend to reflect, we at Jamestown Stamp Company agree that we are most thankful for our Stamp Approvals Customers.  With hundreds of years of combined experience, our staff is committed to helping each collector build a better stamp collection.  It’s what we do; and we’ve loved doing it since 1939.

“stamp approvals customers[…]get us out of bed each morning”

While we appreciate each and every one of our valued customers, it is the stamp approvals customers who get us out of bed each morning.  We also value each other.  It’s impossible not to build solid relationships working alongside one another for so many years.  3 feet of snow and buried in the driveway?  We catch a ride with a co-worker.  Why?  There are stamp collections to be built!

We take each customer’s requests as if they were our own.  In a way, it’s almost as if we were collecting stamps right with you.  Each of your requests starts a search for the most appropriate selections of stamps we can find that fit your needs.  And each time you approve of one of our selections, we seek out more stamps that are of a similar theme, time period, or series.  It’s an exciting job.  We strive to get better at it every day.

“Stamp Collecting is a journey with many paths…”

As your needs and interests change, we adapt to fit your preferences.  It is an exciting transition period in your hobby.  It’s just as exciting of a time for us as it is for you.  Stamp Collecting is a journey with many paths leading to years of enjoyment.  Though we may serve as guides, we also become your traveling companion, learning yet a new facet of an amazing hobby.  For that, we are very thankful to you!