Stamp Collectors Approval Since 1939

77 Years of Stamp Collectors’ Approval

One of the questions most frequently asked by new business colleagues, new employees, and new customers alike is, “Why does Jamestown Stamp Company place so much focus on its approval service?”  It’s an understandable question.  The arrival of the Internet changed the way we purchase many items.  Things we used to buy from mail-order catalogs and over the phone are now just a few clicks away for most people.  While times have indeed changed, the relationship between the stamp dealer and the stamp collector has not.

merely selling stamps is not our passion

At Jamestown Stamp Company, we understand that the stamps on approval service may seem a bit foreign to new collectors.  We do our best to offer as many items as we can via our Web site and mailings to introduce collectors to both the hobby and the approval service.  As one of America’s oldest and most established stamp dealers, we see a HUGE number and variety of collectible postage stamps.  Not only would it be near impossible to list online every item that passes through our doors.  But merely selling stamps is not our passion.  Nor is it our focus.  We strive to serve to our customers exactly what they want for their stamp collections.

stamp approvals customers get the first look

Almost every other business is a first come first serve type business.  The stamp approvals service works differently.  When we acquire new stamps, our experts immediately seek those collectible  stamps that will appeal to their approvals customers.  When we acquire sufficient numbers of any one item or stamp set, we do list them online.  But only after our stamp approvals customers get the first look.  Serving our customers is what we do.  It’s our job and our passion.  The Stamp Collector’s Approval is what want most.  And we wouldn’t want it any other way.



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