Great People on Worldwide Stamps

Speak up for Service Day

October 30 is National Speak up for Service Day.  This the day we recognize the importance of good deeds and kind acts that otherwise go unnoticed.  With the constant flow of daily information and the onslaught of what the media calls “news”, it is quite difficult to stay informed about all the little things that matter in big ways.  It is near impossible to stay informed with matters taking place abroad.  And it always has been.  One can always find many of history’s great people on Worldwide stamps.

If you look at any United States stamp collection, you will likely recognize many of the people and places depicted upon them.  You’ll find great leaders, political activists, artists, and more.  But what about a Worldwide stamp Collection?

Who is Alfred Wegener and why is he on a stamp?

Say you were to get our Packet of 50 Austria Commemorative Stamps and were to find Dr. Karl Landsteiner.  Who is that?  Why, he discovered that there were 4 different blood types!  Or how about the 1980 Alfred Wegener postage stamp?  He came up with the theory of Continental Drift.  You may also find the 2002 Bhutan United We Stand stamp and realize there were those that stood beside us we didn’t even know about.  Placing stamps in an album is only part of Stamp Collecting.  Look a little deeper into the stories and great people on worldwide stamps.  The World will become a much larger and more fascinating place.