Making Time for Your Stamp Collection

Making Time for Your Collection

If there is a time of year when time is in short supply, it’s during the month of December.  Mail holidays, school closures, crowded stores, inclement weather, and end of the year deadlines all work against any prospects of having some quiet time with your stamp collection.  But you can make time if you pencil yourself into your hectic December schedule.

A close friend once told me that the key to making time is making memories.  In this way you can give yourself a much needed break during the here and now but also when you fondly recall those peaceful moments in the future.  Give yourself some mental room by starting small.  And if it takes too long to drag your entire collection out of hiding, try learning more about the stamps in your collection with philatelic literature or references.  This will help against becoming frustrated by interruptions.

Even if you can only allow yourself 20 minutes per day, it will be well worth the effort.  Let the stress and deadlines wait for you for a change.  Likely when you return to the hustle and bustle, you’ll be a bit more refreshed.  You may even be more prepared to handle it all.  Whatever you do, give yourself and your stamp collection the time you both deserve.  A hobby can’t be rewarding if you don’t engage in it.  Enjoy the quiet excitement of stamp collecting.