Kids and Collecting Pt 2

My friends tell me I’m stuck in the 80’s. Who decided parachute pants were “out” anyway? I can’t force myself to like something just because it’s popular. I also can’t stop liking what I like (or digging what I dig, if you will). As much as I have a hard time understanding it, it’s the same for the current generation.

I’ve tried to impress my daughter with topicals that seemed like young girl topics to me. When she wasn’t interested in flowers on stamps or horses on stamps, I thought perhaps the critics were right. Luckily though, I found that given a wide variety of stamps, my child was very much capable of developing her own taste in topics. In fact, much to my surprise, she was interested in country specific worldwide stamps since she was learning about certain countries in school. If you find yourself up against the same, give our Mixtures or Packets a try. Not only can you snag a large quantity of affordable stamps but you can do so online so you can keep on the parachute pants without worry of laughter.

— James the Web guy



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