Finding Rare Postage Stamps

Is it even possible to find rare postage stamps these days? One of the things that I feel makes this hobby so exciting is the possibility of finding a true treasure. Think about it. Unlike most other collectibles, postage stamps–while on a letter–were often tucked safely away. While many collectibles are stored away safely, letters of significance were and are often protected for later review whether the owner collected stamps or not. Non collectors generally disregard the stamp entirely. This means that while the entire letter or postcard may be preserved, the owner would have no idea what stamp was on it.

Ever hear of the story of the woman who placed an ad to accumulate used stamps for wallpaper? This was soon after the first stamps were issued in England. Most of the big headline type stamps were preserved as known collectibles. Imagine what’s still out there, perhaps in a relative’s attic, that remains unaccounted for.

I remember when metal detectors were all the rage. Unless something was discovered relatively quickly, most metal detectors collected dust for the rest of their lives. But when searching for stamps on old mail, even when the search produces few real treasures, you still enjoy the trip back through history.

— James the Web guy



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