CD Stamps

Would these be classified as CD Stamps, CDs on Stamps, or Stamps on CDs?  Either way, the Hartford Courant reports today about these Canadian Easy Listening Stamps.  By the way, the first I heard of Joni Mitchell was last night via an old Alias episode.  I’ve never been an easy listening type of guy.  But the souvenir stamp sheet concept is pretty neat.  And I’m a huge fan of collecting Canadian Stamps.

No matter what types of stamps you like to collect, we can help you build the perfect stamp collection.  Give our Stamp Collecting Approval Service a try.  Just tell us which categories of collectible stamps you like.  We’ll do the rest.  It’s easy and fun!

What is a Stamp Packet

Don’t all purchased collectible stamps come in a packet, glassine envelope, or package of some kind?  Sure.  But the term stamp packet refers more to the diversity of different packets available.  For instance, there are country specific packets.  There are United States stamp packets, British stamp packets, stamp packets from Macau, etc..  There are also Topical Stamp packets categorized by topic like Disney Stamps, Aviation, Mushrooms, and many more.  You’ll find that there are so many ways to categorize and collect stamps.  And there are packets for almost every category imaginable.  There are even packets categorized, or grouped, by stamp type like commemoratives or triangle stamps.

what’s the big deal about stamp packets?

So, stamp packet in stamp collecting terminology doesn’t necessarily refer to the enclosure but rather the grouping and quantity.  Ok, so what’s the big deal about packets?  And why are they beneficial to add to a stamp collection?  Like we previously wrote, as you begin collecting stamps you will develop your own preferences.  Hopefully you will have many favorites.  But you will likely start with a few.  So, say you find that you really like Maps & Globes and you have approximately 2 hours per week to enjoy your hobby.  You may wish to start with a packet of 100 maps and globes topical stamps.

So, the term packet is more like a unit by which a measure (quantity of stamps) and type (category, style, or stamp topic) helps a collector quickly add to their collection.

— James the Web guy

Stamp Collecting Where to Begin

So, you have decided to give one of the oldest known hobbies a try.  But how does one begin stamp collecting?  What do you need to begin?

Perhaps the best place to start is with a general idea of what types of stamps you will most likely be interested in…US or Foreign Stamps.  Once that’s covered, all you need is something to put the stamps in and, of course, the stamps themselves.

…the fun part – choosing collectible stamps

If you decide upon collecting stamps from the USA, you could begin simply by soaking the stamps off your current mail.  If you have a particular foreign country in mind, beginning with a stamp packet may be your best bet to a hit the ground running.  We also have great offers on Topical Stamp Packets.  Don’t forget our stamps on approval service. Whatever you decide, we would love to hear how it goes.  Please use the comment feature below to share your experience with us and other new stamp collectors.

Stamp Game

I found this MSN Group called the Stamp Game while searching the Web today.  It sounds very interesting.  It’s always nice to see how stamp collectors leverage the power of the Internet to enjoy their hobby.  If anyone has tried this or knows of something like it, please leave a comment.

Edit: The MSN Groups Service was discontinued in 2009.  The Stamp Game group may have moved to Yahoo Groups.  Can anyone confirm this is the same group?

Also, has anyone ever played or owned this stamp collectors board game?

Stamp Topics

There are so many different types of topics one encounters when collecting stamps.  In fact, the number of topics is limitless.  For example, you could divide the topic art on stamps into paintings and photographsTransportation could be broken down into Aviation, Trains, Ships, and more.  I have not personally focused on any one topic enough to call myself a topical stamp collector.  But I have had the opportunity to explore quite a few stamp topics over the years.

I have seen a few customers request stamp topics I’d never considered before…like, Fly Fishing.  And I’ve seen many more request very popular topics like Maps, Mushrooms, and Masks.  We try to carry quantity based stamp packets for the most requested topics.  And, as often as we can, our expert staff creates special offers on stamp sets featuring popular topics like Disney.  Maintaining stock for sets and packets covering every topic would be near impossible.  That’s where approvals come into play.

the adventure of exploring new stamps…

Our Stamps on Approval Service is perfect for requesting or naturally discovering topical stamps like these or any you might imagine.  Half the fun is the adventure of exploring new stamps.  Who knows where it will stop…or if it will.

The Value of a Stamp

Just a few days ago I talked about the value of a stamp or coin going beyond monetary terms. I stand by that. But having stamps in your collection that have a high dollar value is exciting. In fact, seeing just one or two stamps having a higher catalog value than what you paid for the packet is exciting. So, how do you find this value figure?

First, while checking retail prices may be a indicator of some level of value, you cannot really go by that dollar amount to determine the value of your stamp. The reason is simple and the same reason for why you can’t really judge the value of your car by looking in a car lot or even dog food by checking the average price at the grocery store. The reason is that these retail outlets incur costs obtaining and delivering these items.

Now, as to where you find the value. The Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue is the first reference you should check. Most public libraries have at least the volume containing US stamp issues. If you do find that you may have something of value that you wish to sell or that isn’t listed, you might want to contact out buying department from our Stamps we are Buying page.

As a last note, I hear talk of value most often in discussions where people tell me they wish they had not sold their collection. While checking value can be exciting, just remember that dollar signs aren’t as rewarding as the hobby itself.

Originally posted March 14, 2006

— James the Web guy

Stamp Albums or Stockpages

When my eight year-old daughter began to show an interest in collecting stamps, I considered getting her a beginner type worldwide stamp album.  There was a moment when I considered opting for stockpages instead just as I was passing over the money.  But I thought she may as well start out right with a full-blown album.  While she was on fire for the hobby on day one, by day 5 that fire was just a few sorry embers.  Some time later she asked for one of the stockpages I had laying around to put in a few newly acquired stamps.  Later still, on a day when I was ill, I had found that she had spent a goodly portion of the day arranging and rearranging her stamps in a few stockpages.

building her collection her way…

What I found was that the stockpages appealed to her more for several reasons.  One, they made viewing and placing her stamps more fun and kid friendly without the worry.  Two, they allowed for changing (or more accurately developing) her preferences.  Every once and a while now I see her pull out her stamps and stockpages.  She tries to tell me what her latest plans are but I admittedly don’t really understand much of what she’s talking about.  But one thing is for certain, my daughter is building her collection her way and enjoying it more than I could have hoped for…developing a love for collecting stamps in a way I never could have taught her to.

Anyone have similar (or differing) experiences?

— James the Web guy (originally posted in 2006)