Global Diversity and Postage Stamps

October is truly a month for all things “stamp collecting”.  We just had World Post Day.  And not only is October National Stamp Collecting Month here in the United States, but it is also Global Diversity Awareness Month.  And no where else can the richness of cultural diversity been seen than in a Worldwide Stamp Collection.  However, one cannot appreciate the diversity of human culture without noticing the similarities and common bonds we share.

It is with this thought that we have created the mosaic above.  At first glance, it looks like a blurry map of the World.  But like a stamp collection, or a nation and its interests far away, details begin to emerge as you look closer.

The mosaic was created with the open source Photo Mosaic Generator MosariZer, using 7142 Worldwide postage stamps from nations near and far and a map of the World.