Sports and Stamps

No, I’m not talking about Sports on Stamps topicals. I’m talking about teamwork. It’s basketball season so let’s talk basketball. The NBA is gearing up for the playoffs and we’re knee deep in March Madness. Contrary to what commercials and media hype would have us believe, championship teams are built from a group…not just a single marquis player. Sure, marquis players get all the hype. But alone, they do not win championships.

The same goes for your stamp collection. Unless the goal is to simply keep up with the Jonses, build your collection as a whole and for yourself. Some scoff at postage stamps from certain countries or certain topics. But this is not a hobby restricted to those who believe their tastes are elite.

Don’t get me wrong. Championship teams have stars and so should your collection. But if you have only a handful of prize stamp issues, this won’t be much of a hobby. Feel free to explore countries you’ve never heard of and cannot pronounce. Also, building a championship pro team requires being budget minded. Don’t be afraid to buy a few bargain packets.

— James the Web guy



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