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What are Approvals? - In his 1957 book, Standard Handbook of Stamp Collecting, Richard Cabeen describes the purchasing of stamps on approval as "one of the most important methods used in buying and selling stamps". In fact, Cabeen discusses the stamp approvals service first over all other methods of acquiring stamps. So, what is this on approval thing and why is it so important?

The word Approvals comes from a time honored relationship between a collectibles dealer and a collector. The collector requests to examine items from a category of collectibles (say, United States Postage Stamps). The dealer, in turn, sends the collector a sample of items of which he believes they will Approve. The collector returns any items he doesn't wish to purchase along with payment for those which he decides to keep. It's like having the dealer come to you. We've been committed to this relationship with the community of collectors for over 75 years.

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