National Hobby Month

January is National Hobby month.

Isn’t it telling that we now have to have a national month of awareness to remember to treat ourselves to time spent on activities we love?  If only there were a way to remind you to spend time with it regularly.  Like a good little puppy bringing its ball to you, your hobby could wait patiently for your attention.

Purchase only those stamps you keep

Actually, this is similar to the way our Stamps on Approval Service works.  Approximately once per month, a new selection of collectible stamps arrives in your mailbox.  The stamps are chosen by our expert staff and are carefully selected according to your specific areas of interest.  When you have the time to do so, you can look through the stamps to see if you approve of any being added to your stamp collection.  Purchase only those stamps you keep.  Return the rest to us.  We’ll make sure they get into the hands of another collector whose interests they might better fit.

As your interests grow and change, we adapt to fit your specific needs.  As a business, of course it makes sense for us to do the best job possible at sending you only those stamps of which we believe you will approve.  We get many letters and email messages from collectors just like you who excitedly wait for their next selection of postage stamps to arrive in the mail.  We do our very best to keep your hobby fun and exciting.

If you have not tried our stamps on approval service, do yourself a favor and try it today!  Let us help you build a better stamp collection.  It’s like making an appointment with your stamp collection when it fits your busy schedule.  We love stamp collecting.  Our job is making it more lovable to you.

Images from the Smithsonian National Postal Museum