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Our Expert Staff has well over 200 years combined experience serving collectors just like you. We would love to send you stamps that you are interested in. Please help us by telling us what you like. Below is a list of example interests that you may use. In the box below the list tell us what interests you have. Give us as much detail as you would like. The more detail the better selections for you.

What are Approvals?

The word Approvals comes from a time honored relationship between a collectibles dealer and a collector. The collector requests to examine items from a category of collectibles (say, United States Postage Stamps). The dealer, in turn, sends the collector a sample of items of which he believes they will Approve. The collector returns any items he doesn't wish to purchase along with payment for those which he decides to keep. It's like having the dealer come to you. We've been committed to this relationship with the community of collectors for over 75 years.