Stamp Album Supplements

During our youth, the end of the year signaled things like exciting new changes and vacation time.  As we grow older the new year begins to mark deadlines and expiration dates.  We certainly hope you find some time to relax and enjoy the finer things in life like your growing stamp collection.  One thing that never really expires is your stamp album.

Say you were to purchase one of our high quality postage stamp albums that covers stamps from your country of choice issued through, say, 2013.  What to do when you begin to acquire collectible stamps from 2014?  You add a Stamp Album Supplement, of course.  A stamp album supplement increases the life of your album by adding pages that cover another year of issued stamps.

As you know, a stamp album is much more than a binder and slots for your stamps.  Depending on the album, it contains reference information, interesting facts, and depictions of the stamps you may not have yet.  Yearly stamp album supplements have these same features.  Because stamp collecting is such an exacting hobby, the supplements do take time to produce and become available to the public.  Compiling and organizing all the information that comes with a year’s worth of postage stamp issues takes time.  Therefore supplements are rarely available on the first day of a new year.

Also, if you have had experience with one album and its supplements but now have another album, keep in mind that it’s release schedule for supplements may differ.  Never hesitate to call or email our highly experienced expert staff members.  With hundreds of years of combined experience, they have used most stamp albums ever created.  They can assist you in creating the most enjoyable experience with your stamp album.  In fact, if you’re already one of our many satisfied stamps on approval customers and you have included notes on what albums you have, our expert staff takes this into account when creating your selections.  We are here to serve you–our valued stamp collecting customer.  We’re all about your Approval!

Best wishes in 2017 from all of us at Jamestown Stamp Company Inc.