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Tell us About Your Stamp Collection

During our early school days, we were encouraged to tell about our day, what we learned, what we found interesting. Perhaps you gave detailed replies. Or, perhaps, like me, you gave vague answers in an attempt to speak like an adult. Either way, as we age, our interests become more unique, more personal. Likewise we […]

What are Definitive Stamps?

In its common English usage the word ‘definitive’ implies something as ultimately final…the ‘be-all and end-all’, if you will.  In Stamp Collecting terminology, Definitive might be defined as ‘new standards’ for postage stamp rates.  The philatelic glossary at Arago concisely defines Definitive Stamps as those that are “issued in an indefinite quantity and for an […]

CD Stamps

Would these be classified as CD Stamps, CDs on Stamps, or Stamps on CDs?  Either way, the Hartford Courant reports today about these Canadian Easy Listening Stamps.  By the way, the first I heard of Joni Mitchell was last night via an old Alias episode.  I’ve never been an easy listening type of guy.  But […]