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Kids and Collecting Pt 2

My friends tell me I’m stuck in the 80’s. Who decided parachute pants were “out” anyway? I can’t force myself to like something just because it’s popular. I also can’t stop liking what I like (or digging what I dig, if you will). As much as I have a hard time understanding it, it’s the […]

Stamp Soaking

So, you’ve saved a few hundred envelopes with stamps or purchased a stamp mixture. Now how do you get them off that paper? It may sound odd to first timers but you simply let them soak in cool to room temperature water for 5-10 minutes. But first, be certain that the envelope itself isn’t a […]

Kids and Collecting Part 3

Anyone half interested in collecting stamps has heard the talk of today’s kids not being interested in stamps. Perhaps there’s a shred of truth to that. But that same truth can be applied to most items that kids collect. Are rocks exciting? They can be, I suppose. But the point is that rocks don’t have […]

What is a Stamp Packet

Don’t all purchased collectible postage stamps come in a packet, glassine, or package of some kind? Sure. But the term packet refers more to the diversity of different packets available. For instance, there are country specific packets. There are United States stamp packets, Russia stamp packets, etc.. There are also packets categorized by topic like […]

Finding Rare Postage Stamps

Is it even possible to find rare postage stamps these days? One of the things that I feel makes this hobby so exciting is the possibility of finding a true treasure. Think about it. Unlike most other collectibles, postage stamps–while on a letter–were often tucked safely away. While many collectibles are stored away safely, letters […]

The Value of a Stamp

Just a few days ago I talked about the value of a stamp or coin going beyond monetary terms. I stand by that. But having stamps in your collection that have a high dollar value is exciting. In fact, seeing just one or two stamps having a higher catalog value than what you paid for […]

Stamp Cancel Marks

We were soaking off some stamps the other day and noticed that some of the stamps had large, almost defacing cancel marks on them. Obviously, their purpose is to mark the stamp as having been used. But one would think that postal service would do their best not to destroy any aesthetic value of the […]

Sports and Stamps

No, I’m not talking about Sports on Stamps topicals. I’m talking about teamwork. It’s basketball season so let’s talk basketball. The NBA is gearing up for the playoffs and we’re knee deep in March Madness. Contrary to what commercials and media hype would have us believe, championship teams are built from a group…not just a […]

Stamps and Anticipation

I’ve waited all week to get back to my Mongolia collection only to find that I was out of time. There’s just something about securing a chunk of time for organizing and researching new stamps. I have 5 new packets and I’ve only sneaked a peek at one of them so far. I could rush […]

Stamp Topics

There are so many different types of topics one encounters when collecting stamps. In fact, the number of topics is limitless. For example, the topic art on stamps can be further subdivided and specialized into pop art, paintings, portraits, nature scenes, etc. I am still pretty new to this and haven’t really spent much time […]