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Speak up for Service Day

October 30 is National Speak up for Service Day. This is a day we recognize the importance of good deeds and kind acts that otherwise go unnoticed. With the constant flow of daily information and the onslaught of what the media calls “news”, it is quite difficult to stay informed about all the little things […]

Semi-Postals and Breast Cancer Awareness Postage Stamps

Since 1897 stamp issuing nations around the World have been issuing semi-postal stamps. What are Semi-Postal stamps? Sometimes referred to as Charity Stamps, semi-postals are valid postage that actually cost more than their face value. The additional surcharge these stamps carry is used to fund a recognized charity or cause. For example, St. Vincent and […]

World Post Day

On October 9, 1874, the Universal Postal Union was formed in Bern, Switzerland where it is headquartered today. The UPU is the governing body responsible for regulations and standards regarding the passage of mail among member nations and states. The UPU currently has 192 members. Before the Universal Postal Union, specific agreements between nations were […]

October is National Stamp Collecting Month

“The collecting of stamps brings untold millions of people of all nations into greater understandings of their world neighbours.” – Francis Cardinal Spellman National Stamp Collecting Month was started by the Council of Philatelic Organizations and the USPS. Beginning in 1981, October has been designated as the month to promote and enjoy one of America’s […]

Stamps are Little Pieces of Art

Every year postal authorities around the World accept and approve of artwork to be used as postage stamp designs. In the United States, the first 50 years of stamp artwork was largely by the portraits of great American leaders. Since these early days many a topic, landmark, and public awareness theme have adorned U.S. postage […]

That Back to School Feeling

One of my favorite times of the year, back when I was young and later as a parent, was Back to School time. Sometimes I still get a hint of that feeling when perusing office supplies. For me, it was the planning and organization of it all that I found exciting. I’m guessing many a […]

77 Years of Stamp Collectors’ Approval

One of the questions most frequently asked by new business colleagues, new employees, and new customers alike is, “Why does Jamestown Stamp Company place so much focus on its approval service?” It’s an understandable question. The arrival of the Internet changed the way we purchase many items. Items we used to buy from mail-order catalogs […]

Albums or Stock Cards

When my eight year-old daughter began to show an interest in collecting stamps, I considered getting her a beginner type world-wide stamp album. There was a moment when I considered opting for stock cards instead just as I was passing over the money. But I thought she may as well start out right. While she […]

What are Approvals

In his 1957 book, “Standard Handbook of Stamp Collecting”, Richard Cabeen describes the purchasing of stamps on approval as ” one of the most important methods used in buying and selling stamps”. In fact, Cabeen discusses stamps on approval first over all other methods of acquiring stamps. So, what is the “on approval” thing and […]