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What are Back of the Book Stamps

The term Back of the Book generally refers to those stamp issues that have appeared in the back of the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue. The catalog itself is released in volumes, each covering a set of stamp issuing nations. So, U.S. &back of the book& stamps would appear at the end of the United […]

National Hobby Month

January is National Hobby month. Isn’t it telling that we now have to have a national month of awareness to remember to treat ourselves to time spent on activities we love? If only there were a way to remind you to spend time with it regularly. Like a good little puppy bringing its ball to […]

Stamp Album Supplements

During our youth, the end of the year signaled things like exciting new changes and vacation time. As we grow older the new year begins to mark deadlines and expiration dates. We certainly hope you find some time to relax and enjoy the finer things in life like your growing stamp collection. One thing that […]

Modern Stamp Design Techniques

The artistry of stamp design has certainly gone through many evolutionary changes over the last two centuries. What began with mere text and numerals became portraits and reproductions of famous paintings and photographs. Today we see a wide range of bold artwork and design elements such as holographic imagery and embossed lettering. Of course, what […]

Holidays on Foreign Stamps

In the recent past we’ve talked about Stamp Collecting and its relation to Global Diversity, World Geography, and even Creating Memories. Perhaps it was with these topics still in mind that I began my journey as I researched the topic of holidays on Foreign Stamps. The intention was to research holiday themes on worldwide postage […]

Making Time for Your Collection

If there is a time of year when time is in short supply, it’s during the month of December. Mail holidays, school closures, crowded stores, inclement weather, and end of the year deadlines all work against any prospects of having some quiet time with your stamp collection. But you can make time if you pencil […]

Thankful for Our Approval Customers

After a long weekend to reflect, we at Jamestown Stamp Company agree that we are incredibly thankful for our Approval Customers. With hundreds of years of combined experience, our staff is committed to helping each collector build a better stamp collection. It’s what we do; and we’ve loved doing it since 1939. While we appreciate […]

Geography and Stamp Collecting

It’s National Geography Awareness Week. Geography is one of the first topics we learn about as school children. And it is when we begin to discover that the World we live in is a much larger place than we were previous aware. In school, we learn of distant cultures perhaps with special bias toward differences […]

How Postage Stamps are Made

The process of how postage stamps are made has come along way since the mid 1800’s.  Today, over 50 million stamps can be printed and readied for distribution in a single day.  Technological advances have made the production of postage stamps faster, cheaper, and safer from potential forgery. While some designs and elements of a […]

The Bridges Between Stamps and History

Recently, we’ve posted a few blog topics focusing on the connections between stamp art and politics, stamps and diverse cultures, as well as great people and their service to the World. One of the most fascinating elements of stamp collecting is connection between postage stamps and the people, places, and events they depict. November is […]